This Month's Featured Work:

Slam Dunks

Hey everyone! This month's featured work is SLAM DUNKS, a short comic book that I worked on in preparation for Chicago's Alternative Comic Exposition (CAKE). I got to meet some of the most talented artists working in the medium right now. On top of that, I got to say hello to my old highschool classmates Keith Pakiz and Josh Belford, now known collectively as OOF! Comics and Animation. They just finished up a short animation and Keith just released a printed version of THE FLYING SAUSAGE, which is absolutely incredible. If you have any interest in WWI, boxing French Bull Dogs, or beautiful watercolor illustrations...
check it out! Even if you have no interest in those things, take a look anyways..

These past few months I've been apprenticing with the masterminds behind Sonnenzimmer, Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi. They were both gracious enough to let me come into their studio this past Friday to make screenprinted booklets of Slam Dunks (they even fueled me up with some beer and hotdogs to keep the engine running). I had a lot of fun making this comic and I hope you enjoy it. I still have a few of the screenprinted books left, so if you'd like one,
let me know.


Slam Dunks Basketball Comic